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Rockpool Cheese

46 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QD

Tel: 01590 643433
Rockpool Cheese


We love cheese – everyone loves cheese! We hand-pick an amazing selection of the finest cheeses from the British Isles (and sometimes further afield), ready for you to enjoy. We know all about each cheese, so we can help you choose and then offer suggestions for food and wine to accompany them.

Peter and Gilly Maclean-Arnold, the owners, love the endless variety of cheeses that are available and decided to open up a cheese shop in Milford on Sea to add to the foodie vibe of the village and showcase some amazing cheeses.

Whether you want to wow with a cheeseboard, have designs on a cheese wedding cake, want to organise an event or just simply fancy some gorgeous fine cheese to nibble, we can help you to find the perfect cheeses. We have a selection of favourite cheeses and always have something new to try – just pop down and have a chat, sit at our nibble bar and let your tastebuds experience the most incredible variety of cheese. If you want to give us a call, we can sort out a fab cheese selection and then deliver it locally to you. If you fancy a picnic on the beach or the green, we’ll give you a biodegradable palm-leaf plate to put it on – we also do picnic blankets.

We only sell fine cheese – either artisan (made using a herd very nearby the dairy) or farmhouse (made with the farm’s herd) – and you won’t find our cheeses in the supermarkets. We have ewe’s cheese, cow’s cheese, goat’s cheese, vegan cheese and have a variety of both pasteurised and raw milk cheeses, and ones suitable for vegetarians. Our accompanying range of delicious crackers, relishes and pickles are just perfect for your cheese experience.

Opening Times

  • Wednesday-Friday: 10.00am-4.00pm
  • Saturday: 9.00am-5.00pm
  • Sunday, Monday and Tuesday: Closed
  • Local delivery available

What’s Available

  • Fine, farmhouse and artisan cheeses
  • Crackers
  • Relishes
  • Pickles
  • Cheese knowledge and boundless enthusiasm!